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The Paintless Dent Removal Springvale Car Owners Love


Paintless-Dent-Removal-Feat-in-springvalePaintless dent repair in Springvale VIC is a process in which dents, primarily caused by hail damage, are removed from a vehicle without using conventional repair methods that require panel beating and re-spraying of the vehicle which add to the cost. Dents are removed from the vehicle by slowly pulling them out using specialised tools or pulled out using a glue system. The removal process does not affect the paint which means the vehicle will not need to be re-sprayed and factory paint protection is maintained.

As well as preserving the vehicles long term value, the paintless dent removal process is dramatically faster than conventional methods, resulting in a car owners time off the road being significantly reduced. Amongst the many benefits of paintless dent repair, the most remarkable is in favour of the customer, which is the price. Average cost of repair in comparison to conventional methods is half and the quality of repairs are as good, if not better in most cases.

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So how exactly are the dents removed? Before repair begins, the vehicle is thoroughly washed to ensure the technician can see the dent completely without any misrepresentation caused by dirt or debris. Paintless dent removal specialists in springvale vic use long steel rods to gently massage the dents out. These rods come in a multitude of shapes and sizes catering to different applications and areas of the vehicle. All dents are massaged out from underneath the panel being worked on e.g. For a vehicle with a dent on the hood, the hood lining would be removed and then with the right tool, the dent would be slowly pushed out from underneath.

A chain or strap is hooked to the panel where ever possible and the rod sits on top of it. The technician will then pivot back and forth with the rod on the chain forcing pressure on the dent, moulding it back into shape. The technician has great control over the pressure and the angle of the tool which enables him/her to be extremely precise. As pressure is applied from underneath the panel, the technician will see where the force is coming from by viewing how the dent reacts above the panel.

Lighting is an important factor during the paintless dent repair process. The most effective source of light comes from normal everyday fluorescent tubes. The light places emphasis on the dent and shows its true magnitude by distorting the light across the surface of the panel making the depth and span more apparent. Whilst massaging the dent out, the technician has a lot more control over the repair as each push is amplified by the light, thereby increasing accuracy.

The number of dents a technician is able to remove is based solely on his/her skill level. Certain areas on a vehicle are a lot more difficult to repair mainly due to the inaccessibility of the underside of the panel. This is the main reason for the variety in the shapes and sizes of tools used. As a technician’s skill level increases, so does repair time and the quality of the final result.

The paintless dent repair industry has grown significantly over the last few years. Quick, efficient and effective repairs have greatly contributed to the increase in demand for the service, technicians and improved techniques and process management. An important advancement within the industry for has come from the adoption of paintless dent removal services by automotive insurance companies and their choice to prefer these services over conventional panel repair techniques.

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