How Paintless Dent Removal Can Save You Money

Posted on: April 8, 2016 by in Dent Removal
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What Is Paintless Dent Is All About? Paintless dent is done by the use of specialized tools designed to push the metal back in place. It might be cheaper to get a new bonnet, paintless dent is not cheap and does still require sanding and painting. Paintless dent is a great alternative to normal body shop repairs as it can be much cheaper and repairs can usually be repaired in a couple hours. 

How Paintless Dent Removal Can Save Thousands at the Body Shop

Has a shopping cart put a small dent in you fender?  Did a selfish driver park too close and ding your door when they opened theirs?  Here is how paintless dent removal (PDR) can take those dents out affordably, quickly, and without having to have the car visit the spray booth.

Modern bodywork is insanely expensive. Environmental regulations have required body shops to invest hundreds of thousands in equipment, and the paint itself can cost hundreds for just a pint. Depending on your insurance, you’ll probably invest at least $500 of your own cash before insurance even kicks in, and then when it does, you’ve got a dirty Carfax to contend with. A simple claim to fix a few parking lot dents can cost you thousands when you add up the deductible and the decreased value of a car without a clean vehicle history report.

But there’s a way around it.

Small dents and dings are a nuisance.  They don’t change the car’s safety at all.  However, car nuts like us hate to see them on our otherwise perfect car.  One option for dents and dingsfrom door strikes and other similar bumps is paintless dent removal.  Your car dealer likely does this on-site themselves, or they contract with a local independent company who comes to the dealership to do the work.  Any autobody shop can also set you up with an on-site appointment.

The technology is very interesting.  Larger dents and those with seams or creases are repaired from the inside of the panel.  The technician carefullycremoves a bit of your interior and then uses special pry bars and rubbing bars to work inside the panel.  The tools are used to smooth the metal from the inside out.  Critical to the method are mirrors and lights the technician uses to reveal the dent so it can be worked on.  Done right, many repairs don’t require any re-painting.  In some cases a small bit of touch-up paint may be needed.  In many cases, the dent disappears, or is made significantly better. Read full story here

Complete paint jobs to touch-up work, our experts at Paintless Dent Removal Melbourne are experienced to provide your vehicle with a professionally painted finish.