How To Avoid Getting Dents On Your Car

Posted on: January 24, 2016 by in Dent Removal
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We came across the following article with some very helpful tips which will hopefully minimise damage to your vehicle when you are out in public.  There are sometimes ways that minor damage can be avoided no matter what you do but we hope you find the following article helpful.


Great Tips to Avoid Dings and Dents

For many people their vehicle is a source of pride and joy, especially if they feel it is a great looking car or truck. A minor scratch, ding or dent can make the heart sink, especially if it wasn’t your fault and nobody left a note, not even to say sorry. While it may be impossible to completely avoid the chances of putting your vehicle at risk of body damage without locking it away in some airtight garage, there are a few things you can do that will help you lower the odds of damage caused by irresponsible drivers and other people who may be out in the streets, or in a parking lot, for that matter. To keep your car ding free follow these practical auto care tips.

1. Take Advantage of Indoor Parking

If you have the ability to park your vehicle indoors while at work, overnight or any time you’re not using it for an extended amount of time you should absolutely jump on it. Yep, time to clean out the garage! Parking inside reduces the chances of damage related to the weather, such as a hail storm that catches you off guard. If you live in a neighborhood parking in the garage will prevent the chances of a runaway baseball or other playthings from doing any damage. Of course parking indoors will also help keep your car’s exterior cleaner, longer!

2. Avoid Brush

While you may not think about it on a regular basis you may find yourself trying to get down a road that is not well maintained. This means there may be brush growing up from the sides of the roads and loose gravel that can be kicked up by your tires or tires of other vehicles traveling in front of you. Be sure to drive around any shrubbery to avoid scratches and keep a long distance between you and the car in front of you to avoid rock dings and windshield damage.

3. Back of the Lot

Parking lots are dangerous places for cars. Runaway shopping carts, door dings and those hard to see parking signs, cart holders and many other things all pose a risk for your car. Do yourself and you car a favor and take it slow while driving through a parking lot and pay attention to all that is happening around you. If possible try to find a spot near the back of the lot where there will be less foot traffic and if you spot a corner spot be sure to pull in right away. Back of the parking lot corner spots have the smallest chance of encountering common parking lot troubles.

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