Car & Bumper Scratch Repair

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man fixing car dent iScratches, dents, and dings on cars paint work and bumper bars have been popping up on their own agenda for over a century. For many decades, however, scheduling car scratch repair and dent removal involved a two day, high-price, aggravating adventure, requiring the patience of a cost-conscious monk. Trying to squeeze a minor car paint repair job into the triage of more serious auto body injuries was an absolute nightmare for scratch-afflicted owners. Thanks to the innovation of mobile dent removal, car paint & bumper repair is now much more than a dream. It has become a money-saving, time-wise, dose of damage-removing reality. Today mobile dent repair technicians possess the power to quickly respond to your injured auto and save a costly trip to a panel beating business and not to mention waiting several days to get your car back.

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Mobile Car Scratch & Bumper Paint Repair Saves You Time & Money

Servicing all of the areas surrounding Melbourne, Paintless Dent Removal(PDR) technicians have made car and truck repair a breeze. We realize time is one of the few resources which may never be replenished. Our fast-acting response team will accommodate your needs with respect to schedule and location. For car touch up, from those dings on the hood all the way to bumper scratch repair, PDR does it all. Whether it is hail damage, dents and dings from road hazards or scratches which seem to just show up from nowhere, PDR’s skilled staff will quickly dispatch a remedy for your car or truck repair needs. To learn more about our services call today and find out how easily we can help you.

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Specialists Trained in Car Paint Repair:

When it comes to your car or truck appearance, there is nothing more unsightly than blemishes in the form of scratches, dents, and dings on their exterior.(“skin”) Our highly skilled staff of technicians realize that many times a car or truck is like one of the family, and we react accordingly. At PDR when we dispatch our crew members to meet at a location of your convenience, they are sensitive to your needs with respect to time, cost and those more intangible factors associated with sentimental attachment. With PDR each and every auto becomes more of a “patient” than a simple repair ticket. Although most repairs can be completed within an hour, the results are amazing. Most importantly our experts recognize the difference between repairs which can be made in the field and those requiring admittance to the body store. Examples of cosmetic imperfections on cars and trucks which we correct include:

Scratches – Those visible lines or markings noticeable on the exterior paint, caused by scraping or scuffing.

Dents – Those visible indentations on an auto body varying in size and depth, caused by minor impact.

Dings – Those visible small, shallow indentations on an auto body, resulting from minor impact.

Hail damage – pattern of noticeable dents and dings which cause a “rippled look” on auto body and exterior paint appearance.

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Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair:

When it comes to choosing PDR for your car dent repair needs, there are several advantages associated with our service. Below is a summary of only a few of the reasons why PDR is the right call every time:

*Maintaining Vehicle Value – Any minor dents, dings or scratches will adversely affect the resale value of your vehicle. Maintaining the original auto manufacturer’s exterior paint job is always a plus for determining value. PDR restores the finish and returns your car or truck to original condition without affecting the factory paint job.

*Reliable and Warrantied Repairs – Each repair is backed by a limited lifetime warranty delivered to you in writing. PDR is proud of our quality and service standards. We stand behind our work every time a technician is dispatched.

*Quick Service – Our team of trained techs has a turn-around time second to none with quality superior to all. We believe in getting things done right the first time, every time and on time.

Two Meanings For PDR Melbourne:

When it comes to Paintless Dent Removal, there are many reasons why it is the smart choice for car body repair needs. Our team of trained technicians is friendly and focused on delivering expert service each and every time. With flexible and convenient scheduling for appointments catering to your schedule and location, one call creates a perfect fit for every customer. When it comes to the absolute best choice in the Melbourne area there is only one choice which has two meanings: PDR. Paintless Dent Removal for Paintless Done Right the first time, every time.

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