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Does your vehicle have a scratch or worse still a dent from hail damage or a shopping trolley which looks unsightly? Well, you are in the right place. Car scratches and dents are a vehicles owner worst nightmare, they are not only costly to repair but can greatly depreciate the value of a vehicle. However if you are a resident of Frankston and find yourself in such a predicament, you need not worry as there is a solution that is not only quick and cost-friendly but also highly effective service called car paintless dent removal.

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What is paintless dent repair?

Paintless dent repair can be described as a modern dent removal technology that is substantially cheaper and quicker when compared to conventional dent repair techniques. This dent repair technique has the capacity to address a wide variety of vehicle body repair issues including minor and major dents, car scratches due to accidents and even damage brought by weather conditions such as hail which is not uncommon in Frankston

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As opposed to conventional car scratch repair and dent removal techniques that make use of filler and paint to remove dents, PDR is a modern highly effective technique that makes use of modern tools to achieve the same.

As a norm, an assessment of the damage is first carried out by a qualified technician. Body panels or tail lights are then carefully removed so as to gain access to the back-side of the dent or scratch. A special light board is then used to further assess the dent and also to ascertain what kind of tools should be used to even out the dent.

Specialized tools are then used to apply slow pressure on the dent working it out to its original shape. This process takes substantially less time and as such, can be done at the owner’s residence or even by the roadside depending on the owner’s preference

What are the benefits does one stand to gain from using our services?

There are numerous benefits associated with using the paintless scratch repair technique, the following is an overview of some of the top benefits


Convenience is perhaps one of the top benefits one stands to gain by acquiring the services of a paintless dent removal company. Conventional dent removal techniques are quite involving and as such, require that a vehicle be worked on in within a garage

With paintless dent removal, the procedure can be carried out at any given location due to the portability of the tools and ease of the process. Mobile dent repair teams are an industry standard in the dent removal sector and these teams carry out repair at any location bringing about an aspect of convenience


Conventional scratch repair techniques are involving and as a norm require sanding, application of a filler compound and a final paint job. Paint as you well know has to dry and as such, an individual is indisposed of a vehicle for a few hours or even days in extreme cases

With paintless dent removal technology, what you see is what you get. The repair process is much faster and one is good to go as soon as the job is completed


The technology incorporated in paintless car scratch repair makes the use of additional materials such as composite fillers and paint unnecessary. As such, this car scratch removal technique is substantially cheaper when compared to other conventional techniques

Environmentally friendly

Paintless scratch removal does not make use of industrial grade solvents, fillers and paint. As a result, no toxic fumes are released to the environment making it an environmentally friendly technique

Better, longer lasting result

Unlike conventional dent removal techniques, PDR does not attempt to hide a dent or scratch. It addresses the root by using pressure to even out the dent and restore the car body to its original state. Conventional techniques make use of body filler composites and paint to hide the uneven body surface and a good scratch is all it takes for one to go back running to the repair shop

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